16 February 2013

I have moved!

I have packed up my pencil case and gathered my sketchbooks and I'm travelling off to the world of Tumblr! Please feel free to join me there, where you can continue to see more of my creative doodlings at http://elliesnowdon.tumblr.com/

Also I have a new website up and running too!


16 October 2011

Etsy shop open!

I'm back! I'm sorry I haven't updated on here in a while but between finding job and moving house Ive been a bit behind on the creative front but In the last month I have been working on some new work which I am very excited about! Also I am please to announce my Etsy shop is now open! Take a little look around! (if there is not something on there that you have seen on this blog please do not hesitate to contact me). I will be back to update new work very shortly!

2 August 2011

Better late than never.... DEGREE SHOW!

'The Fox & The Crow' etching series

Having loved doing and making 'The Hare & the Tortoise' book of etchings so much, I really wanted to illustrate another favourite fable of mine 'The Fox & the Crow'. The story is about a lovely crow who finds a piece of cheese, but is tricked by the fox through flattery who then eats it all up! The story is one that has a pretty useless moral ('dont trust flatterers') and is silly but I think that is what makes it fun! Its good to have a bit of silliness in you! The story is a 10- part series of etchings on 'natural' Hahnemuhle paper and contain both aquatint and Chine Colle processes. (selected examples below)


5 July 2011

Letterpress in progress... for new book!

With the title page for 'The Fox & The Crow' I wanted to incorporate the same design that would also be blind embossed onto the front cover of the book. After much speculating on what the design should look like, I settled on a simple silhouette of the two main characters engaging with one another - I think it provides an inviting element into the story. In order to incorporate the design into the letterpress method, I used flexoplate and stuck it on a cut out block of mdf so that it could fit in and lock up on the vandercrook (machine) with the rest of the typeface quite nicely. After many attempts and constant adjusting of the paper pressure I finally produced some successful prints! (phew!)