24 June 2011

'Little Red Riding Hood' sketches

These are just a few rough sketches I did for ' Little Red Riding Hood' - I never completed the story as I decided to change narrative early on to something that was not as widely-known ... but I would like to get back to continuing on and completing it one day!  

9 June 2011

My first letterpress

snow snow snow

I wanted to see what aquatint would look like on black Somerset paper, printed with white ink so I did a few little experiments with a couple of the plates from the Hare & the Tortoise to see how it would turn out. I actually quite like them! The white areas make the landscape look all snowy and wintery, sparking the idea of limited edition prints, maybe even as a christmas special!

8 June 2011

'The Hare & The Tortoise' etchings

A series of printed illustrations for one of my favourite short stories, 'The Hare & The Tortoise'.  Hope you like!